We partner with our favorite designers and stylists to bring you a variety of collections, each with their own unique personalities.

Bente X Fixe 2021

Maybe, just maybe, we both have a rug problem. This collection was born out of a need to find the holy grail, the perfect runner.

Kari Kroll Collection

Trim Your Tree - a Christmas surprise from Bente Vintage and Kari Kroll.

Anne Sage x Bente

Ultra soft and inviting, this collection is traditional with a twist. They're unusual and offbeat in colors and patterns you don't see every day.

Natalie Meyers x Bente

Scandifornian inspired collection that is soft, geometric and casually elegant. Nearly 30 vintage rugs and 20 kilim pillows to choose from.

Bente x Fixe 2020

Marriage of subtle color, loops and shag, creating textural art for your feet. 15 rugs that are both neutral and bold, for when you can't commit to just one.

Simply Staged x Bente

A collection of rug fragment and kilim pillows. Woven, imperfect and floral pillows that add the right accent to any room, the Chris Hemsworth of pillows.