Can a pillow change your life?

(probably not, but it can certainly try)

Bente Vintage has partnered with Simply Staged to curate a collection of rug fragment and kilim pillows. Woven, imperfect and floral pillows that add the right accent to any room. They are the Chris Hemsworth of pillows.


A sign of quality and authenticity, they are strong despite seemingly fragile parts. 


Unique colors and patterns call to mind the beauty of nature’s flora.

Perfectly Imperfect

Off center patterns, areas of more wear, that’s where the character shines. 

Simply Staged

Simple Staged isn’t your average home staging company - our approach is to uniquely design every space to enhance the very best features the home has to offer. Our style is unique and focuses on the details that make home buyers never want to leave. 

If we had it our way, every one of our stages would feature more than one vintage rug - but working with houses of all different shapes and sizes, sometimes it can be tough to get the right fit. To help, we’ve always loved using pillows to bring character into a space. So when Bente Vintage wanted to collaborate on a pillow collection, we jumped at the opportunity! 

Not only do we feel like these pillows are beautiful, but we selected colors and textures we believe can be planted anywhere and provide a continuous bloom to any space!

Simply Staged x Bente