About Us

Nicole + Jared

As a baby, Nicole’s mom wrapped her in a rug instead of a blanket. Growing up Jared slept on a pile of rugs 3 feet high. Nicole can spot a vintage Lilihan from 90 yards away and Jared can pinpoint the origin of a rug, just by the smell. When we met it was like the stars were aligning, a perfect pair that created this business as if by providence.

We met our rug dealer 8 years ago and he’s kept our supply steady ever since. We only go for the good stuff. Combing through his thousands of rugs to pick the very best for Bente is how we get our fix. It’s almost like an addiction… How long can we keep going with these drug puns?

As parents of two young kids we understand the importance of durability. We can’t stand things that don’t last; Bachelor engagements, naptime, our summer bodies, and cheap machine-made rugs. 

Our rugs were made on looms, by hand, decades ago. They have a story, a history. They are imperfect, it’s what makes them so special. They are beautiful and timeless and will still be beautiful and timeless in 50 years when our refrigerators are ordering our groceries and robotic earthworms are gobbling up our garbage.

Our goal is to make rug shopping accessible and enjoyable. It doesn’t matter if you know the difference between low and medium pile, Yastek and Oushak, or Timothy Olyphant and Josh Duhamel. We can help with that, you just worry about choosing a rug that brings you joy. 

Come shop with us, let's have some fun.