Natalie Myers X Bente

Nothing will add character and nuance to an interior as instantly and genuinely as a vintage rug. With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to find the right rug for your home. We took the work on for you and confidently assembled a bespoke collection of quality vintage rugs. All naturally durable, stain resistant, and reflective of a casually elegant design sensibility we adore.


We spent months applying a rigorous set of criteria before honing in on these one-of-a-kind handmade vintage rugs. 30 rugs made it into the collection and we numbered them like the art they are.


An edited collection of varied vintage styles from Turkey, Persia, and Morocco, each one is unique and reflects geometric and animal motifs that can stand alone or harmonize with one another for a collected look.


Rich with history, the signs of wear tell a rug’s story. Hand-knotted 40-60 years ago from designs passed down from mother to daughter, many of these rugs were made for the family and sold when they became worn.

Veneer Design
Natalie Myers

Natalie has been active in the interior realm since her university days, where she majored in Interior Design. After starting her own design studio 11 years ago, Natalie has developed a signature style and guiding philosophy in her work she calls “Scandifornian” design.  It combines a minimal edited approach to decorating and furnishings inspired by Nordic and Japanese sensibilities along with the laid back Californian lifestyle that meshes indoor and outdoor living year round. Incorporating natural materials and textures and a sensitivity to sustainability is paramount.  

Vintage accents like rugs transform a room from a stark minimal space to a refreshingly artful environment, while maintaining sustainability goals. Since her earliest designs, she has been fielding requests for links to the same exact rugs in her designs. Instead of explaining each time that the rug in question is unique and impossible to find again, she teamed up with Nicole from Bente to create a collection of rugs she would proudly display in her own home and projects.

Bente Vintage
Nicole Kreuz

Nicole’s eye for rugs is equally inspired by her love for art history and interior design. She’s passionate about timelessly stylish rugs and bridging the gap to bring these one of a kind, handmade, durable works of art into your modern home.

When Natalie reached out, Nicole was thrilled because Natalie seamlessly uses rugs in her organic modern designs and gives the vintage pieces space to shine. This collection took a long time to build. We looked through maybe two thousand rugs, maybe more. Natalie’s eye and appreciation of rugs makes this collection truly special, which is why we numbered the collection like you’d see at an art gallery. 30 rugs, good together or on their own. Oh and pillows too, because we couldn’t help ourselves.

Natalie x Bente Pillows