Bente x fixe

(a rug collaboration you didn't know you needed)

A crazy rug lady from Chicago and an equally crazy California designer join forces to curate and promote vintage rugs that deserve a moment.


Marriage of subtle color, loops and shag, creating textural art for your feet.


Rugs that are both neutral and make a bold statement, for when you can't commit to just one.


Handwoven from Morocco to Persia, from soft native wool that has, and will, stand the test of time.

bente x fixe
About Us

Erika's kitchen needed a rug, the “perfect” rug. She came to me and together we started an epic search. Instead of finding one rug we found 15. Turns out we have nowhere to put 15 rugs, so the BENTE x FIXE collaboration was born. We realized that my rug knowledge paired prefectly with Erika's design sensibility.

Erika's design background in fashion paired with her experience as founder of FIXE Design House, a California-based interior design studio, brings a new perspective to the rug sourcing process. "Sure, that's a great rug, but where does it go? Who does it appeal to? Actually, I'm going to keep it. We can find other ones for the collection."

My eye for rugs is equally inspired by art history textbooks and Instagram interiors. So what if my full-time job is planning production for the largest pasta company in the world, I eat, sleep and breathe rugs. I'm passionate about timelessly stylish rugs and making them fun and accessible.

Mid-Western sensibility mixed with the West Coast vibe makes this collab something “extra”, like us. We love these rugs so much we want to put them in our homes. We hope you do too.