Why you need a vintage rug in your life

Reasons why you need a vintage (or antique) rug:

  1. Do you want your home to look like everyone else's? No. A vintage rug is a great way to stand out from the crowd. It's a statement piece that will make your home truly unique.
  2. Tired of being a basic b? You know what's not basic? Antique rugs.
  3. Antique rugs will never go out of style, they are outside trends. Antique Oriental rugs have a timeless beauty that has been in style since they began (around 550 BCE).  How's that for longevity?
  4. Unlike mass-produced rugs, vintage rugs were made to last. They are handmade heirlooms that have been around for years and will be around for years to come. You'll be handing these down to your grandchildren.
  5. Why buy stocks when you can invest in a beautiful Persian rug? These things only get more valuable with age, just like fine wine and George Clooney.
  6. Boring rugs are for boring people. If you want to show off your sophisticated taste and appreciation for different cultures, an antique rug is a must-have.
  7. Do you care about the planet? Of course, you do. Buying a vintage rug is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and be eco-friendly.
  8. Let's face it, your feet deserve better than that scratchy, cheap rug you've been walking on. An antique rug is softer and more comfortable, giving your tootsies the pampering they deserve.
  9. Sure, your new rug is nice and all, but does it have historical significance? No? Then why settle for less? A vintage rug is a piece of history that you can own.
  10. Let's be honest, a regular rug won't impress anyone. But an antique rug? Now, that's a conversation starter. It's like having a piece of history on your floor and will make you look like a fancy, cultured person even if you're wearing sweatpants.