How to choose a vintage rug


 You don't, it chooses you.

Just Kidding. A lot goes into picking a vintage rug: size, color palete, contrast, age, design (floral vs geometric etc), weave, condition, pile (rug thickness), materials (cotton warp tends to be longer wearing), and all of these factors also play into budget. Older, antique rugs are typically more expensive. Fineweave, rugs with more knots/in2 are more costly.

Realize that vintage rugs don't necessarily come in a 4x6 or an 8x10 so you may need to get creative on a size or even layer with a jute rug (which can double as a rug pad).

What rugs are you drawn to? Try to find the rug name for these rugs, rugs are named after the cities they are made in (or near). ie Malayer is a city in Iran. Shiraz? Again, a city in Iran. Bijar? Another city. You get my point!

If you're looking for a specific rug size and palette, we can help! We love to source rugs for our customers, reach out to us today at

 xx Nicole