Marina - 2&
Marina - 2&
Marina - 2&
Marina - 2&

Marina - 2'4" x 4'0"

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Minimal and so good, she's like your country cousin who turns out to be the talk of the ton. "As we know, the brighter a lady shines, the faster she may burn.” This vintage mini was handmade in Turkey, with motifs passed down generations from mother to daughter— the patterns often memorized. The artisitc weaving of tribal rugs ensures that the exact pattern, color, and variation of this rugs are all it's own. Even if a weaver was really stuck on a certain pattern, the rug won't come out the same twice. Minis work well in the mudroom, bathroom, powder room, kitchen, bedside, even in kids rooms— these rugs are hardwearing— basically anywhere you have bare floor.
Turkish Anatolian
Vintage, Circa 1970's
Low Pile
ivory, white, tan,
2'4" x 4'0"

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