Caro - 3&
Caro - 3&
Caro - 3&
Caro - 3&
Caro - 3&
Caro - 3&
Caro - 3&

Caro - 3'0" x 3'9"

Regular price$800.00

A plain design, common of nomadic rugs, Caro has 5 tribal dog designs with blue to black abrash within the shapes. Cut at one end and still so good. Caro has unmistakeable charm.

Exclusive, nomadic, compelling, the Natalie Myers x Bente Spring collection includes 30 vintage rugs, numbered like art, made from durable wool, some with cotton, some embroidered, all are special, one-of-a-kind pieces, named after Natalie's projects.

No: 13 of 30
Persian Gabbeh
Wool on Cotton
Medium-Low Pile
Low Wear
sand/ black brown, brown, blue
3'0" x 3'9"

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