Burma - 6&
Burma - 6&
Burma - 6&
Burma - 6&
Burma - 6&
Burma - 6&

Burma - 6'10" x 9'6"

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The detailed geometrics are reminiscent of angular Caucasian designs, and the floppy weave is due to a wool foundation. This rug was woven by the nomadic Qashqai tribe. This paticular design is known as a hebatlu, a name of one of the smaller Qashqai tribes, and features five Turkoman-style gol (rose) patterns. Tree and plants in the border are common in Qashqai rugs. Our Burma walks the line between energy and charisma and is soft, yet vibrant. Places of well done repair.

Exclusive, nomadic, compelling, the Natalie Myers x Bente Spring collection includes 30 vintage rugs, numbered like art, made from durable wool or wool and cotton, some are embroidered, all are special, one-of-a-kind pieces.

No: 02 of 30
Persian Shiraz
Wool on Cotton
Low Pile
Medium Wear
orange, brown, blue, ivory
6'10" x 9'6"

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