Skylark - 2&
Skylark - 2&
Skylark - 2&
Skylark - 2&
Skylark - 2&
Skylark - 2&

Skylark - 2'11" x 9'9"

Regular price$900.00

Tonal and tribal with energy and wear, two large diamonds with dark brown accents make this piece a standout

Our second rug collaboration was born out of a need to find that perfect runner. We found a whole lot more than we bargained for...and our collection was born. Some of the rugs are tonal, others have more contrast, all are worn and timeless. Erika understands the need to find that perfect rug to complete the space, be it for a client or for her own home. For both Erika and Nicole, it's the thrill of the hunt and collaboration that feeds their design souls. Reap the benefits of our love (addiction?) of rugs and RUN out to grab yours

Turkish Anatolian
Wool on Cotton
Low Pile
Medium Wear
2'11" x 9'9"

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